Translating to English

Originally I started this blog as a Facebook page in Dutch in December 2014. I have quite a few friends who don’t understand a word of Dutch, but back then the ‘translate…’ link on Facebook did provide a readable translation.

The advantage of putting it on a Facebook page was that I did not have to worry about people posting nasty comments, figuring out who they were, and so on. Facebook provides quite a few mechanisms to keep things from going out of control.

However, the disadvantage of putting it on a Facebook page became apparent when people complained to me they did not want to log on to Facebook, could not read my page because they did not have a Facebook account, and so on. They did not need an account to read my page but Facebook’s logon box is so prominent many people went away before reading anything. That’s when I decided to migrate to a new site.

It also means the ‘translate…’ link isn’t there anymore, so I’ll have to provide my own translations. That’s a good thing by the way, I’m better at translating Dutch to English than Facebook/Bing/Google anyway. 😉



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